Diamond Sheet Products

A Unique Diamond Material
D/S Materials, Inc. is the manufacturer of a unique superabrasive product called Diamond Sheet. It is a flexible metal bonded material with diamond throughout. It can be easily converted into any shape for many custom applications for industry and the hobbiest.



Diverse Superabrasive Applications
Diamond Sheet material can
take many forms. It has been proven as a reliable dicing blade for precision dicing applications. It has also been used for lapidary operations, whether it be stationary or by hand. It's other uses include:
* cutting tools
* grinding wheels
* core drills
* lapping plates
* files
* honing tools
* saw blades
* wear resistant surfaces
* flexible abrasive discs
* belt sanders
* bearings
It can meet just about any dicing, beveling, lapping, or Dremel applications.

Diamond Sheet Products
Diamond Sheet is easy to work with.
A Flexible Diamond Material
For the hobbiest, Diamond Sheet material can be cut with scissors to form any shape. It can be bent to shape, cut into sections or circles, punched to make pellets, or joined to itself or other materials. It can also be glued, wrapped, slotted, flattened, reflattened, retrued, reformed, soldered and mounted to any adaptor. (i.e. flanged)

 Diamond Sheet Can Meet Your Application Requirements
Diamond Sheet material can be constructed with various metal bonds and superabrasive configurations. These superabrasives can range in size from a coarse "grit" to an ultra-fine micron. Thicknesses range from .040" down to .004". Material applications include glass, ceramics, plastics, silicon, metals, and ultra-hard materials.

To see the first hand merits of this unique product, we can offer sample pieces by request.

For more information, please contact us via our telephone number 1-585-494-2200, Fax# 1-585-494-2300 or E-Mail. (below)


Diamond Sheet Samples